Press related to social justice work in Evanston, Illinois

Evanston religious community organizes protest Sunday for racial justice, peace

InterfaithAction Thanksgiving service

A Call to Action following Fergusson



The Boots Worked Either Way
in UU World Magazine, October 13, 2014

From Reverend X: How Generation X Ministers Are Shaping Unitarian Universalism
Edited by Tamara Lebak and Bret Lortie
Jenkin Lloyd Jones Press © 2008

In Dharma World, October 2004:


Press related to social justice work in San Antonio, 2007-2013

Uniting A Diverse Church,” San Antonio Express News

S.A. Unitarians Hold Vigil After Tennessee Shooting,” San Antonio Express News

COPS Metro Leaders Preparing for Upcoming Assembly,” San Antonio Express News

They Don’t Want No Border Wall,” Brownsville Collegian

Flyer for the Rev X book

Selected articles from my work as a journalist, 1997-2002

Published in the Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists
(listed in order of “seriousness” — because even nuclear scientists, my editor used to say, need to keep a sense of humor)


Published in Outside Magazine
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