Dog posts and Facebook

IMG_0705A while back, someone gently nudged me about my political inactivity on Facebook. In other words, why am I posting about things like kitchen updates, musical and technical curiosities, and my dog (especially my dog) when the country is going the way it is and there are so many ministers publishing beautiful manifestos via social media. I’ve been thinking about this situation since it was brought to my attention. Why don’t I publish manifestos, daily lamentations about the state of the union, and articles supporting my precious views? Let me count the ways: 

1. Most of those who follow me agree with my politics. Why waste time telling you all what you already know and feel. If you want to know how I feel, and what we can do about spreading peace and love in the world, come to church on Sunday. We’ll talk at coffee hour.

2. Pay attention. I do share interesting articles when I don’t see them being picked up EVERYWHERE else.

3. Since I do have many conservative family members and uniformed colleagues, maybe I should post incendiary material to change their world views. Yeah, right. I love a vigorous discussion when I’m with my beloved family and friends, if the politics of the day come up. However, I have no illusions that social media does anything other than erode relationships. In a bigly way, if you need an example.

4. Facebook, aside from what I post on the church page(s), is to me primarily a way to connect with friends spread around the country, even world. They want to know about my new kitchen.

5. And my dog is awesome and worthy of daily posts.

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