Hurry Slowly next Sunday!

I have been intentional about noticing the “lasts” these past several weeks—inviting a pause at moments I would formerly rush through. A pause to savor each thing for its beauty and what it has given. A last child dedication in this community I’ve served. A last snowfall out a window I love to look through. A last time sitting on the floor of an RE classroom. A last ride on the Metra train to a downtown concert. Naming it such, for me, puts such experience, momentarily outside of time and space and roots it in beloved memory.

This Sunday’s musical guest, EE

I’ve also been rounding up those pesky “should have’s.” Should have gone to more CSO concerts. Check. Should have told friends how much they mean to me. Check. Should have invited crazy marching band back for a service. Check. (This coming Sunday!)

Another “should have” I’ve been meaning to do for a long time is bring north—to share with you—a dear Texas friend, mentor, and fellow pastor, Rudi Harst.

Rudi Harst joins us next week for worship and a special after church “thank you” concert.

I met Rudi the first Sunday after Cindy and I moved to San Antonio. I had been encouraged to check out the spiritual community that he and his wife, Zet, were leading in a rented theater space called “Celebration Circle.” With services filled with original music and poetry, Rudi inspired and connected people together in a way I’d never seen before. It was like a folk concert, poetry reading, and sacred celebration all pulled together in a blessed mash-up. (You all know, by now, how I love those!)

Rudi will lead worship with me next Sunday, April 15th, with a service called Hurry Slowly. and as a special thank you to this community, we are hosting an after-church concert. Rudi will share “Songs and Stories of Life, Love, and Laughter … a heartwarming, toe-tapping, finger-snapping good time that’s guaranteed to make your heart smile and your spirit soar!”

In addition to being a spiritual director, inspirational speaker, singer/songwriter and multi-instrumentalist, Rudi has published eight CD’s of original music, as well as Hurry Slowly, a book of creative non-fiction. It will be a joy to have him with us next weekend for both a first, and a last.

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