Meditation for a Mindful Monday, 4/28/14

It’s been said that one thing the scientific story of creation lacks is poetry, that all the good myths are written in ways that are evocative and dramatic, while the language of the Big Bang is analytical and precise. In this poem by L. Annie Foerster, she uses poetry to tell the story of the Big Bang in a way that I’ve never felt it told. Listen to the possibility in her words; she is not only speaking about the potential contained within the universe, but also the possibilities which exist in you.

“Creation in Three-Quarter Time with Mixed Metaphor,” by L. Annie Foerster

There was space, but no beginning,
and in the space were spaces,
and between the spaces, stars–
a kind of celestial progressive dinner without food,
a kind of heavenly musical chairs without a loser.

And their movements made Music–
swish, and bang, and hum;
and their music made Dancing–
sway, and step, and bow;
and their dancing made Intimacy–
come, and stay, and join;
and their Intimacy made Possibility and Potential–
hmmmm, and Maybe, and Yes!

A kind of blind date between old friends;
a kind of dream without sleeping.

Possibility was Egg; Potential was Seed.
And the Possible Egg hatched, and spawned, and bore.
And the Potential Seed sowed, and sprouted, and bloomed.
And Egg and Seed combined and Made Creation.
a kind of Mardi Gras in July without Lent;
a kind of memorial service for Silence and Emptiness without Regret.

There was creation in space.
There was creativity in the spaces.
The stars blazed with creatures and creators.
And everywhere there was–and is–Music:
Listen within you;
And everywhere there was–and is–Dancing:
Look around you;
And Possibility and Potential are ever again Intimate:
Look between us.

And the eggs are within the male, and the female, and the other–
everything is Possibility.
And the seeds are within the female, and the male, and the other–
everything is Potential.

And the music is Dance,
and the Dancing is Intimacy,
and the Intimacy
is Song.
A kind of cosmic choir
in tap shoes
without program
or score.

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