Another first

This is a year of firsts for us. Not for you. Not for me. For Us. In the fall we began our worship life together. In the winter we began two services. Now that spring has arrived we are talking about stewardship and generosity, together, for the first time.

Each of us gives as we are able. Giving more never feels right, and not something this church would ever ask. Giving less than we are able also fails to bring the joy that can happen when our generosity and values align.  The question is are we each giving in a way that truly lives up to our excitement about this saving faith of Unitarian Universalism – for it is a saving faith. It is saving people from the traps of materialism and selfishness. It is saving people from the illusion of alienation and separateness. It is saving people from the exclusion they’ve felt from other religions.

These are some of my passionate feelings about what we are doing. We all found our way to this church and have chosen to throw in with this diverse lot. There’s a reason for your choice of why you are here and not someplace else on Sunday morning. I’m grateful you’ve make a choice to be at the Unitarian Church of Evanston, as have I.

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