Moving Forward

As many of you know, there are some significant changes to our music program. This article will explain  how we will move forward in the fall.

The choir will be on hiatus in July and August as usual. My hope in September is to have an Acting or Interim Choir Director who will begin the church year with us. There have been many questions about why this change took place now. There was no one event that precipitated this decision, it was not made in isolation, and June is the time of year to renew contracts. I decided that to accomplish our goals and ends, the worship service needs to go in a different artistic direction — in a climate of joy and cooperation.

In mid-July, when I’m back in town, I will do two things. First, my hope is that the music committee can help me organize our talented musicians, both vocalists and instrumentalists, and have them contribute to the worship music. Next, we will form a search committee to begin interviewing potential candidates. I already have some great ideas about how to pull you into the process as well. This search will NOT be as secretive as a ministerial search, and certainly not as long. I’m hoping that by the beginning of 2016 we could have a new choir director. Don’t hold me to that date since I will work collaboratively with the search committee to come up with the best process and timeline possible. I know there may be questions and frustrations that cannot be answered. We will need forgiveness, hope, and patience. I know we are able to move forward together.


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