The opportunity we’ve been waiting for! 

On the Table Potluck Dinners, Tuesday, May 10

I’m so excited to share this opportunity. Since UCE planted its Black Lives Matter sign a year ago, we’ve had workshops, conversations, discussion groups, and other ways to build understanding and wisdom around issues of racial equity and privilege. And we’ve been looking for opportunities to reach out to our neighbors in the larger North Shore and North Chicago areas to connect and grow together in unity.

The On The Table Project is the opportunity we’ve been waiting for. On Tuesday, May 10, 2,000 people will gather to talk about how we can help “unite the place we call home.” As it says on the website: “In today’s world, this act of coming together has never been more important. On the Table 2016 will connect individuals and communities of diverse perspectives and backgrounds. Talking – and listening – to our neighbors is an important first step toward creating a more unified Chicagoland region.”

Here’s how it works. Congregations and institutions sign up to host. UCE has already done this by setting aside room 3 in our church for 40 people.

Here’s what you can do: Sign up! Part of the process is sharing a little bit of your identity, including age, race, neighborhood, congregation, gender, etc.—whatever you’re comfortable sharing. Then we will create groups of diverse people who usually might not have the opportunity to interact, meet and know one another.

It’s important to remember that when you sign up, you most likely will NOT be coming to UCE on May 10th. You will probably be invited to a neighboring congregation where you will meet people from a variety of other congregations in our community.

Click here for more information.

Click here to register.

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