The year past, the year ahead

I continue to be overwhelmingly proud to serve the Unitarian Church of Evanston. It is a lively, growing, and vibrant community. I brag about you (perhaps too much) to colleagues, friends, family, anyone who will listen. I just think you should know that. We are socially engaged and interested in deepening our connections with one another. My dream for the coming year is that as we continue to work on our mission of creating “a world made whole,” we focus equally on “nurturing the human spirit” (your spirit) to enable the spiritual growth for which I hear you hunger — in your individual lives and relationships. Sermons will be a start, but another way to accomplish this is to be more intentional about the theological affinity groups we have in place, or could have in place. For example, we already have a strong humanist group active on Sunday mornings (a.k.a Crackerbarrel), as well as budding Buddhist and Pagan groups that meet on Thursday evenings and Earth-centered occasions respectively. These, along with our dance and movement groups, offer participants a place to go deep with their spiritual practices (of intellectual engagement, meditation, chanting, movement, prayer, etc). A few of you have approached me about starting a Christian group, which I believe is long overdue in a congregation with such diversity. If you are interested in any of these, please let me know and I’ll connect you to an organizer.

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