What makes UCE thrive and you come alive?

That’s the question I and our Trustees want to know—and hope to find out—in our upcoming all-congregation workshop on Oct. 18.

We are not a faith tradition bound together by creed or centralized beliefs. Instead, we are a people bound together by common values and aspirations. As an example, the Unitarian Universalist Association’s Seven Principles are some values shared by UU congregations throughout North America.

However, for us to stay true to our congregational roots, what matters for us are our locally held values at the Unitarian Church of Evanston. Certainly there will be overlap between congregations, but our leaders to know where to shine our beacon of light into the world—and how bright you want it to shine.

Our workshop in October hopes to accomplish this. Through storytelling, sharing, and “appreciative inquiry,” we will look at what’s best at UCE, what inspired you to join, and what motivates you to keep coming. At the end of the day, each will have had an enriching personal experience, and we will have a start on our next step of planning our “congregation’s ends,” our goals for the upcoming few years.

Without a substantial number of members and friends participating (I hope for 2/3 of the congregation, or 300 people), the results may be inconclusive. Please join us and help us articulate how we will live out our vision and mission.

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